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  1. ...don't have enough time to straighten my hair. just make sure you put in about a quarter size amount because if you use: To little: it doesn't work. or, To...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 10/11/2013

  2. those things that come on bread. you know the things that seal it. not the twist ties. but yeah. they are l;ike plastic. thats what i use.

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 16/08/2009

  3. quarter pounder

    14 Answers · Dining Out · 21/10/2009

  4. You have most definately sprained your ankle. The explanation of swelling and bruising and pop sounds indicates ligament damage possible torn or slight tear of the ligament. Keep icing your ankle and use compression...

    6 Answers · Health · 12/02/2012

  5. I would wait till the the pain was gone so as to not to make it worse. I would alternate ice and heat on it when it hurts you the worst. I would slowly ease into exercise if you are going to do it anyway.

    1 Answers · Health · 06/06/2009

  6. ...about one pint (475 milliliters) of air in each cycle. Only about three- quarters of this air reaches the alveoli. The rest of the air ...

    3 Answers · Health · 24/09/2010

  7. yes it is possible with the help of a certain texture of hair extensions. Im not gonna lie but i think it would look a bit weird. but it mostly depends on how its done. if its done well it would probably turn out okay.

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 26/05/2011

  8. NO!!!!!! Tools aren't anything but tools...USERS control tools.

    2 Answers · Sports · 12/07/2012

  9. easier to pry the nails loose. Usually I will twist the nail, to loosen it a bit, and/or pull the nail. Flat nose 'tile ...

    7 Answers · Home & Garden · 14/11/2007

  10. .... some of these people seem to 'rationalize' horrific events in very twisted ways to justify their idea of a 'loving' god.

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 31/01/2013

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    related to: twisted quarter
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