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  1. The game itself is literally very fun and I enjoy the Wii Zapper with it. Let's just say this: If you haven't tried out the Wii Zapper yet, then I highly suggest you at least try it. You may not be used to...

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 04/04/2011

  2. .... It comes with Link's Crossbow Training. The bundle is about $20-$25. It is a plastic shell that you mount the ...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 29/12/2008

  3. ... tops for the numchuk Wii Zapper and link's crossbow training will get you around 10-15 bucks. Brawl will get you 20 dollars...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 02/12/2008

  4. Yeah I can't wait. I also want to play Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles with the Wii Zapper I think it's going to be cool.

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 22/09/2007

  5. ... replica Dubstep Gun -A full day of spy training -A trip to space with Virgin Galactic -One...million and just add a ps3 worth $259.99 and you will get the most expensive bundle

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 30/10/2013

  6. $850.00 or $900.00. You have a gr8 assortment that may even be worth to $1000! but stick around 850 to 900 if you can get up to 1000 that's gr8! but you know what's gr8? if you sold it on ebay. im telling you you'll make a lot of money but that's up to you

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 01/02/2008

  7. I'm pretty sure they're only playable in Challenge mode (Riddler's Revenge). All the DLC is for challenge mode I'm pretty sure. When you download and install the packs and go to Riddler's Revenge, it...

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 19/07/2012

  8. eBay has a calculator to tell you what the average price of these things are going for. I would hope $150 myself. Check on ebay what people are selling and the prices, That is how I gauge pricing.

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 30/11/2011

  9. I don't see why you wouldn't if you're selling your wii if you're saying bundle it vs. selling brawl by itself, I say do some research on ebay and check prices for selling brawl alone vs. wii with brawl.

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 23/08/2008

  10. ... price you can find for the PS3 (remember to check out the Move Bundle as well):

    6 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 26/10/2010

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