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  1. Recaliberating the Touch Screen Calibration must be done with...test will continue to re-start. •If the touch screen is not responding properly, hold...

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 05/03/2010

  2. The touch screen is based on pressure sensitive electrodes. I guess the... Nintendo doesn't think that the top screen needs to be a touch screen.

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 05/05/2008

  3. Touch screen recalibration tells you to tap certain points on the... in the corners; if they change color when you touch them, then the screen has been calibrated. Press...

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 31/03/2010

  4. The touch screen is very similar, but slightly larger. Have you read about the... out! Video, music, camera, wifi, data storage, games, bigger screen, sleeker than ever!

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 19/10/2008

  5. ...Screen, as in two screens. She's asking for a dual touch screen, as in 2 touch screens. The DSi is still a dual screen...

    9 Answers · Games & Recreation · 11/04/2009

  6. Well, have you tried calibrating your touch screen. If you haven't, you should start doing occasionally. Calibrating...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 20/09/2008

  7. ...just make it harder to see it, you can buy things to fix DS screens also. Once you fix it, also buy screen protectors. https...

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 09/09/2008

  8. ... a DAMP cloth (NOT WET!!!). Lightly clean the touch screen. Then clean it with a SOFT DRY cloth. (Do the same with...

    8 Answers · Games & Recreation · 09/07/2008

  9. It sounds like you haven't replaced the protective screen properly, the smallest air bubble could definitely affect it, however if it ...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 10/05/2012

  10. ... phone. From what I have seen. You need multi-touch. You need that little virtual analog stick to move around and then you need to use...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 23/09/2010

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