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  1. I don't think the touch laptops have very good screen input. The surface pro has a big enough screen. I think you should try out a high quality mouse, before spending a lot of money.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 11/08/2015

  2. I would try to delete the app and download it again. If this is happening to other apps as well there may be a software update that you need to do. If none of this helps you should call apple and maybe they can help. Hope this helps!

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 31/08/2014

  3. Otterbox should be good

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 29/08/2014

  4. Nah it just processing the data to start up correctly it's normal dude :)

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 22/08/2014

  5. ...the process can take a very long time. You must be patient. Don't touch anything. You will see periods of nothing on the screen, plus periods of the circular progress circle that seem to go on indefinitely. ...

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 16/08/2014

  6. Try a new power cord. A real 'Apple' one, not an aftermarket one. Borrow one from a friend to see, before buying a new one.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 04/08/2014

  7. Check warranty. If not, a replacement screen is possible, but that I would only do if the scratches are extremely bothersome.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 31/07/2014

  8. It looks downright dangerous! Yes, remove it with care. Replace it if you like. Be careful not to cut yourself while working on it.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 29/07/2014

  9. Dead pixels. This might be able to help

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 03/08/2014

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