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  1. ... chocolate and coconut Cinnamon and apples butterscotch + toffee cookies and cream Raspberries and cream Maple syrup and bacon...

    3 Answers · Food & Drink · 25/05/2014

  2. cream. Add half a jar of crunchy peanut butter and a tablespoon of caramel or toffee ice cream sauce. Top with chocolate sauce. Strawberry ice cream. ...

    2 Answers · Food & Drink · 04/01/2014

  3. Caramels or Toffee 1 c white sugar 1 c brown sugar 1 c white corn syrup...different stages. Tkx If you don't like toffee , caramels etc, then maybe someone else can use this recipe.

    7 Answers · Food & Drink · 01/10/2013

  4. Sticky toffee pudding with brown bread ice cream and caramel sauce. This what Chef Ramsey called it.

    1 Answers · Food & Drink · 02/07/2013

  5. ... floats (made with root beer, orange soda, sprite, or pepsi) toffee pieces chopped candy bars (snickers, peanut butter ...

    11 Answers · Food & Drink · 13/05/2013

  6. I guess by now you have already baked something. If for the next time, you can maybe find some ideas on the following site. For example Raspberry kisses & cream cookies...

    15 Answers · Food & Drink · 22/03/2013

  7. I don't know if this is what you're looking for. This is a daim (heath bar) cake. It's basically 2 brown sugar cakes with caramel icing in the middle and chocolate on top.

    2 Answers · Food & Drink · 28/12/2012

  8. Sounds like you're describing Dream Bars. You can google the recipe (and believe me, there's ton's of them for this delicious treat!) or take a look at the recipe in Southern Cooking. com.

    2 Answers · Food & Drink · 27/11/2012

  9. Merckens Molding wafers are made from a delicious special compound manufactured by Merckens Chocolate Co. and are designed for melting, molding and dipping. This candy...

    2 Answers · Food & Drink · 17/11/2012

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