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  1. Since the tires have slick centers, rotation direction is not critical. The tread pattern on the sides ...

    7 Answers · Sports · 16/09/2007

  2. 5280 x 12 is 63360 inches in a mile 63360/24/pi=840revolutions of the tire 840/3=280.25 wle

    4 Answers · Sports · 27/01/2010

  3. I would not rotate tires . When the rear tire wears out move the front to the rear and place the new one on the front. I would much rather have a flat tire on the rear then the front any day. tire - rotation .html

    3 Answers · Sports · 23/07/2010

  4. ...should go with Continental Explorer MTB Bicycle Tire (26x2.1) All Around Cross-Country Tire ...

    3 Answers · Sports · 19/02/2011

  5. should have an arrow molded into the sidewall indicating direction of rotation . Vee-tread is usually for the rear tire , in which case the tire should leave a track which has the vee ...

    5 Answers · Sports · 19/07/2011

  6. Here is a link to a page with all of the calibration numbers you will need.

    3 Answers · Sports · 01/05/2007

  7. Tire tubes, brake adjustment aren't part of any bike's guarantee/waranty. ...

    4 Answers · Sports · 23/05/2012

  8. ...well-duh.jpg First thing that pops to mind is the bead of the tire isn't seated properly along the rim of the wheel. Deflate the tire ...

    6 Answers · Sports · 04/07/2013

  9. ... valve stems tend to lean forward at the bottom of their rotation this is a warning sign. The easy cure is to keep your tyres close to their maximum recommended pressure. If you want to run...

    3 Answers · Sports · 24/05/2009

  10. ... tires this is due to the way the tire cord is laid into the tire during the manufacturing process. I would recommend making sure that the rotation arrows are in the proper direction.

    3 Answers · Sports · 06/05/2008

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