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  1. ... Book : Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room..., 432 pages. Best Green Interior Decorating Book ...

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 16/03/2010

  2. There are none. Get a book from the library on HOW to re-upholster. No patterns for something so specific, just directions on how to measure, re foam, cut, piece, etc.

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 17/08/2010

  3. You can have the children paint paper bowls green (for the shell of the turtle), and stick foam stickers on the "shell" and glue paper cut outs for the head, feet and tail and glue some eyes on too.

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 08/03/2008

  4. ...a new comforter that has a little bit of green in it. Take down the pictures and put them in an...some plastic under the bed storage for your books and papers which is also available...

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 20/02/2009

  5. Forest green is no problem....while it may look ...dark wood lamp tables for either end of the couch, large enough to hold a lamp, a small bouquet of flowers, a book or two.... ** a lamp on each table with off-white...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 04/10/2008

  6. Try these sites:;; There were other sites, just put in colored light bars into your search. Hope this is what you're looking for. Roxanne

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 24/10/2009

  7. ... are several books listed on this subject. Also, after reading the article, you may decide not to do it... the link: Green _roof#Examples_of_ green ...

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 30/07/2007

  8. ... shades of green that would coordinate with the dark green that you like. I want your room to be a place you like to spend time in, to read a book , watch TV and sleep. It should be ...

    7 Answers · Home & Garden · 07/07/2009

  9. I think B is the answer hop I helped

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 04/08/2012

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