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  1. Dont go, if you do, have Another friend come along with you. We hear about teachers being pedophiles all the time. I wouldnt trust this guy, he does not have to tutor you at his house. He can do it at school

    8 Answers · Family & Relationships · 02/02/2010

  2. no u cannot shoot the teacher, but u can make fun of him/her. u can play pranks try the following site for ideas -

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/08/2006

  3. Are...are you serious? Doctors don't live in hospitals, they have their own homes. Just like teaches don't live in schools, they live in their own homes.

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 01/04/2013

  4. My probabilities and statistics teacher in my senior year of high school gave us packets and homework, that is how we were expected to teach ourselves. She would go over the homework but she never really taught anything...

    4 Answers · Education & Reference · 30/01/2012

  5. You need to go down to the district office closest to your school and apply. These are usually classified (as opposed to certified) positions and you need to apply through the school district. The usual requirements for an...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 23/08/2012

  6. Honey, you need to learn to spell before you can become a teacher! Haven't you noticed those wavy red lines that YA puts under your words when they're spelled wrong? If you want to say I'm being picky- what do you plan...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 08/11/2011

  7. I expect the best example possible, someone I can trust and look up to, someone I can admire and love and not be embarassed. Someone I can talk to, someone I can talk about, someone I can remember for who they are, and not what they are. Someone who...

    11 Answers · Education & Reference · 04/05/2008

  8. IF this makes you uncomfortable - it should be addressed.

    13 Answers · Beauty & Style · 14/05/2007

  9. Oh my gosh I only read the first few sentences and I already started answering: No way! That is so not wrong! Actually, I love a lot of my teachers that way, too (but my teacher...

    4 Answers · Education & Reference · 05/11/2009

  10. A teacher should also be there for their students, when their students are having problems, a teacher should be there for them willing to help them, tutor them, give them the extra guidance they need...

    4 Answers · Education & Reference · 01/05/2008

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