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  1. Hoorah, another chance for my pun... It is because "The Glitch is Back"...   ROFL

    8 Answers · Yahoo Products · 03/01/2020

  2. Yes, that is happening to many of us in the NEW format on all Google Chrome and Firefox that use Android or Microsoft operating systems. It may be happening on the Apple...

    3 Answers · Yahoo Products · 10/11/2019

  3. Just about anything would be an improvement over the hands off approach they are using now. But no one at Yahoo is interested in investing any real time or effort into improving this site.

    1 Answers · Yahoo Products · 13/10/2019

  4. They are aware that some users aren't fond of those features, but you can go to the feedback... here gets user feedback but doesn't get to the people who can actually take action (that's what the...

    7 Answers · Yahoo Products · 17/10/2019

  5. .... If you scrolled through the question list and didn't see anyone else post about the same issue you describe, then chances are...

    9 Answers · Yahoo Products · 09/10/2019

  6. ... are longtime users, and most longtime users don't post many questions, they tend to answer them, thus the quality of the...

    15 Answers · Yahoo Products · 09/10/2019

  7. It hasn't been rolled out for everyone yet. I've not seen it, but have seen some posts about it. It doesn't seem to be favorably received, thus far.

    4 Answers · Yahoo Products · 17/09/2019

  8. ...ugly......... but I tried to use it.........and found it didn't even work at all. I couldn't ask or answer. I didn't see the...

    6 Answers · Yahoo Products · 18/09/2019

  9. My guess is you need to switch to desktop mode to enable that option. Or just use a PC instead of your phone.

    5 Answers · Yahoo Products · 11/09/2019

  10. Switch to PC to update your question.

    6 Answers · Yahoo Products · 11/09/2019

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