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  1. As for the terms you mentioned, both vehicles will fit the bill. The CR-V will be the better vehicle. Not only is it more reliable, but you have the choice of 2WD or AWD.  The Forester is only...

    8 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 17/08/2020

  2. I know what you mean about a left leg that won't bend easily. I had a total left knee replacement 3 years ago and it's even harder to ride in the passenger seat. I drive a Pontiac Bonneville and it's okay to get in and out of the drivers...

    7 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 10/07/2020

  3. and start with NO car and no loan outstanding. Next, an SUV as a family car is a really stupid choice. SUVs are popular with...

    9 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 04/02/2020

  4. Ford Explorer.  Not really low maintenance.  But there are a LOT of them in junkyards if you need cheap parts.

    4 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 24/12/2019

  5. The Hyundai Kona is the top rate sub-compact SUV . The Lexus NX is a great vehicle and maintenance should not...

    5 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 11/11/2019

  6. Because in that era, they were built on a truck chassis with truck components. Today most SUV 's are glorified cars.

    7 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 26/10/2019

  7. A minivan with the two sliding doors and more flexible seating is far better...

    7 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 24/10/2019

  8. That would be Toyota. I had a Honda Odyssey minivan and it sucked.

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 27/10/2019

  9. ...very good one. Plus, it'll carry people and stuff far better than any SUV can.

    6 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 15/08/2019

  10. $350 is the about what is offer for junk cars, but it does not sound like your car is a junk. A junk car meaning like a smash up totalled car. If the rest of the car is still in good shape, why not get the motor fix? If you don't want the...

    4 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 03/07/2019

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    related to: suv
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