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  1. try to pause the download if possible. restart steam in offline mode if that doesnt work. then check if you can remove local content again. if this doesnt work either then you will have to let it download , then afterwards you can delete it.

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 11/05/2013

  2. ...speed and 30 mb/s is just the speed you can load websites, not actual download . if you get 30 mb/s then steam is being limited on how fast you an download . How many...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 27/08/2013

  3. enter a credit card or bank account in your personal information. Then Steam will download a game, directly to your HD. You can observe the progress by ...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 10/01/2009

  4. Yea steam 's servers are most of the time really really busy to all you can really do is switch between the different servers and see which one is fastest for you :)

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 09/08/2011

  5. ...connection. Additionally make sure you set correct connection speed on the same tab. Steam automatically pauses downloads whenever you run a game, it doesn't matter if you want to play online or not, it'...

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 08/01/2011

  6. Steam is free to download but you need to buy the games from their website. Look up steam powered and you'll find the site, and where to download it. No, it shouldn't do harm to your computer.

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 20/07/2012

  7. yes If you pause the download you will be able to resume the download ar a later time. As far downloading ...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 23/06/2012

  8. They may have changed this but as far as I know you only need admin privileges to launch the game for first time in order to run some first time setup but you wont need admin privileges to download it.

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 03/06/2012

  9. ...same account that originally had the games, you can download those games. In essence, you could (with ...only play those games if you're signed into steam , otherwise the game is locked.

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 08/08/2009

  10. hey i go on steam to but well. you can't re- download gmod unless u pay for it, it's impossible to hack, transfer games, etc to...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 19/06/2010

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