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  1. your friend is not thinking clearly. Im with you. Ronaldo is financially stable and can provide for the child. There are many professional athletes...

    5 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 09/07/2010

  2. Don't watch soccer, but I'll say Ronaldo . Jordan, Kareem was a great basketball player, but Jordan is JORDAN Ken Stabler EASILY.

    3 Answers · Sports · 29/03/2010

  3. Team - Spurs Player - Modric Rolf sucks too. Quite literally. =P

    14 Answers · Sports · 29/03/2011

  4. Then the Spanish league won't be that good Anymore without messi vs Ronaldo clasicos. But real Madrid will suck now!! I don't know why cr7 is whining

    10 Answers · Sports · 04/09/2012

  5. Whats so surprising about this? His career isn't stable , meaning the older he will get, the worse he will play.

    2 Answers · Sports · 25/10/2009

  6. ... and he is demonstrating how skillful he is. C. Ronaldo is stable when playing in Manchester and in the Portuguese team...

    20 Answers · Sports · 05/07/2008

  7. ...from Chelsea or more lets face it if torress is 50m ronaldo 150m + However i dont think it will happen - it would help Madrid...

    2 Answers · Sports · 17/12/2011

  8. do you speak to him ever? regardless, there's nothing WRONG with you at all! You just must be picking up a vibe from him or feeling his positive aura (if you believe in that kind of thing). It's possible that you actually are experiencing "love...

    32 Answers · Family & Relationships · 28/04/2009

  9. Yes, keep CR on Real Madrid. OMG!!! He had one bad game, and you fans want to chop him of the roster....what a shame. Neymar - who? I ask....he aint coming to Real Madrid....just forget unless you want...

    14 Answers · Sports · 17/12/2011

  10. he's helped kept them stable in la liga this year with the injuries and poor form...don't think he should win ahead of Messi and Ronaldo but he's definitely third behind those 2, and not...

    10 Answers · Sports · 06/07/2012

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