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  1. It doesn't look like a cheiracanthium to me.  But you can't really see the color in the pic you took. But even if so, you know they're not really that dangerous.  Nobody ever died from a bite from one of these guys.

    3 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 21/11/2020

  2. ... profanity, A keyboard was a piano, A web was a spiders home, A virus was the flu, A hard drive was a long trip on...

    14 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 26/11/2020

  3. ...every comic is going to take place in present day again. In 2012, Spider -Man died and his body was taken over by ...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 24/11/2020

  4. Right? Shrimp and lobsters are just sea bugs.  Some people are terrified of shrimp, lobsters etc. Someone I know will not eat shellfish because to her its just like bugs.  Its a...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 20/11/2020

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