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  1. ... exclusive use of the track for a certain time schedule. You will not be testing your vehicle with any other vehicles on the track. If ...

    5 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 24/10/2007

  2. ...would not recommend an extended WOT top end test until after the first 3000 miles and the hard as you want to! Please don't run those speeds on public highways though - unless you are in...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 15/04/2013

  3. Started where...? At factories...... test tracks! On streets....away from the cops. Care to be a tad more specific about your question please??

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 25/02/2014

  4. I believe you kind of answered your own question - a test to determine the top speed is not an acceleration test and as such there's no need to max the engine out through the lower gears.

    5 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 25/10/2009

  5. When taking the test , the speed limit is the maximum you should travel. Going 5 under the limit is...

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 01/05/2011

  6. DO NOT SPEED ON YOUR TEST . it's an automatic failure, it doesn't matter if cars are passing you. stick to the speed limit and you'll be fine.

    4 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 07/08/2010

  7. ummmm...the speed limit? trust me, it is the speed limit...the speed limit is there for you to obey it. they wouldn't post a speed limit on the side of the road if they wanted you to go slower than it...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 24/02/2009

  8. The speed limit in a residential zone is 25 unless otherwise posted. Going a...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 27/06/2008

  9. put it on some jackstands and do it in your driveway. Or go to a performance shop that has a dyno.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 10/08/2013

  10. of those electronic gadgets that keep track of your acceleration and max speed through the use of an accelerometer. You can by them from ads in...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 13/06/2008

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