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  1. Specific details would be in The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 itself. Short of that, here is a write-up by AICPA on Section 404, the section that deals with internal controls.

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 13/09/2007

  2. ...head can be extremely risky career move in any enterprise. SOX compliance is expensive and inefficient compared to... involved in an incident of non- compliance , or computer security breach, might approve a scheme to put...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 15/11/2007

  3. I looked around. J- SOX is too specific a topic to get a whole forum. Look for forums on compliance and you might have more luck.

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 31/07/2007

  4.'s note to prove their business is in compliance with public health & safety laws (OSHA). ...kind of work it is that you, do but the necessity of socks will depend on the policy of the facility/business. Seems...

    3 Answers · Health · 25/05/2010

  5. ...the book also has a website with a message board: (click the SOX tab) You can get answers to your questions from...

    4 Answers · Business & Finance · 27/12/2006

  6. ERP Implementation, SOX compliance in IT control - CISA, or hot these days.

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 24/07/2006

  7. .... "This team's primary focus was compliance and ... in year two of the certification, many organizations discovered that the SOX effort was not sustainable without the right process - and because...

    1 Answers · Local Businesses · 14/08/2006

  8. I think if you have any idea with the company... being a auditor you must know every process of the company for you to know how to make an audit plan and you would know how to perform your audit... good luck

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 16/10/2012

  9. Sarbanes-Oxley, commonly referred to as SOX , is an auditing law that was developed as result of the...

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 23/09/2009

  10. Here is some great information on MBA's and what they can do for your degree. Accounting is a great field and you can do a lot with it. A lot of people will get an MBA with an...

    3 Answers · Business & Finance · 10/09/2012

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