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  1. He already does that. We need more retailers taking bitcoin. The great thing about that currency is the supply can't be manipulated.

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 01/07/2017

  2. ... is as simple as sugar. Peasant A can make sugar and harvest it, it will sell in America for $0.50 / lb. He makes a living as long...

    16 Answers · Politics & Government · 10/11/2010

  3. ... are bad still are a profitable item. If by bad you mean a good or service that would not sell and be popular with the public, then no. In a free market only those goods which...

    11 Answers · Politics & Government · 25/08/2010

  4. ...they've essentially sold off our self... here. And , it's economically...enough to offer competitive services ? No. Of... the " good old days"...

    10 Answers · Politics & Government · 23/07/2010

  5. ... from socialism because it believes in free-market enterprise where goods and services are created and sold in a market instead of by the government. The government has no involvement...

    37 Answers · Politics & Government · 20/09/2009

  6. NO Greed based economies like the US has will always favor the aristocrats. The only wages that will go down is in the working class.

    8 Answers · Politics & Government · 23/11/2008

  7. So you're actually trying to argue that fiat currency hasn't really destroyed the value of our dollar because Obama is in office? What a shill.

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 25/02/2011

  8. ...? You know what happened to the costs of electricity and phone service when government controls were eliminated and AT&...

    12 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/11/2007

  9. ...class's called C.O.G. Cost of Goods Sold is all added up and factored into what a consumer pays. The COG also ...

    11 Answers · Politics & Government · 19/07/2011

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