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  1. ...the jock, Jennifer the cheerleader, and Will, the senior class president, quarterback, and all around good guy. But not everyone at Avalon High ...

    3 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 13/05/2008

  2. ... a girl) But for a guy, it's the kind of name that the "star quarterback" would have. Your character is whoever you make them!

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 05/01/2012

  3. Yep, I definitely would read it if it was a book, stage production/play, probably not, 'cuz I'm not into plays (or movies for that matter) but if it was, I'd definitely want to see it. With the right amount of plot spacing (don't rush...

    2 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 04/09/2010

  4. how are these girls randomly getting stabbed? how do they just find dead girls lying on the beach? who is killing them? who is dragging bodies to the lake? first becca is a dead girl lying by the lake...

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 21/03/2010

  5. This is good in the sense that I can feel the passion behind the words but in my opinion, it is obviously not professional. There are many points where it is not syntactically up to part. I like the way it starts out, up until the part...

    14 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 04/08/2009

  6. For Truth: Veronica Nabila (Both names meaning truth or honesty) For Future/Past: Adamere Progner/Evanere Progner (Progner is a play off prognostic...

    7 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 09/07/2013

  7. As long as you write it well, there is definitely potential! Good luck!

    6 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 07/04/2014

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