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  1. If true, I can only speculate. An optimistic view would be that the foreign women would be different, and provide a fresh and interesting perspective. A pessimistic view would be that such women won't be in town for long, so the boys won't have to...

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 14/09/2020

  2. You should stop worrying so much about the future and let yourself go in the relationship. If you're blocking feelings towards her then you're not being real with yourself. If you really like her then you should go for it, what if you...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 25/10/2020

  3. .... No sadness. No joy. No hope. No anger," NYC relationship expert Susan Winter,  "You literally just realize...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 04/11/2020

  4. ... me dozens of sites showing day trips from NYC . Some of those are going to be a bad idea in times of...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 01/11/2020

  5. ... all the time too. I see it all the time in the back alleys of NYC

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 05/07/2020

  6. ... to a BLM street mural as a personal insult to him by the mayor of NYC

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 28/07/2020

  7. i dont view anything morally wrong with it as long as your intentions are out of love and admiration for her, not manipulation and sex. relationships with these age gaps are rare and normally predatory, but sometimes they are truely loving and they...

    100 Answers · Family & Relationships · 15/01/2021

  8. Well if he is telling you all this stuff, I would question it. Either way, it's a huge red flag. This guy is trouble. Don't seek drama, get very far away from this chump.

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 24/07/2020

  9. Some guy who lives 900 miles from you that you think will break up with you if you refuse to fly during a pandemic is a moron. Are you always attracted to morons? Even if your bf lived three blocks away, you're not...

    24 Answers · Family & Relationships · 08/07/2020

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