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  1. Nothing you can do but get it inspected. Just get it inspected. It'll take 20 minutes. Bring your registration, and make sure your car tax has been paid.

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 21/01/2008

  2. The problem you are going to have is demonstrating that you are a resident of NC. You are going to have nothing in your name like a power bill, phone bill, lease, or paycheck. So they probably will not let you take the test at all...

    1 Answers · Yahoo Products · 14/12/2010

  3. If you move to NC you should be able to get a license right away.

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 14/12/2010

  4. I don't know much about North Carolina since I live in California as well lol. ... you can go to the bar! If not, just walk in to the DMV and ask for a license renewal.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 10/06/2011

  5. Everything in the driver's manual. Start reading.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 15/11/2010

  6. Just read and understand your drivers pamphlet. It has all the answers.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 21/03/2010

  7. You poor thing. These tests are silly. Here is the website that will help you immensely. I read over the answers on this site3 times before the test and got a perfect score.

    6 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 26/03/2008

  8. It can be anyone with a license. Im goind through the same thing. Im 16 tho. :P

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 27/03/2013

  9. Probably...when asked about the topic of national cards, the North Carolina DMV stated that they were ready and willing to make any necessary...

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 17/10/2007

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