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  1. Nordstrom has a huge range of Wacoal DD and DDD bras , but I have never seen a bra to wear under spaghettii straps at any store or online.

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 23/06/2013

  2. different bras have there own idea of what each size is! so if ur gona buy from diffrent brands then u havta try each one on! but still get measured so u know the basic jist of what size you'll be!

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 21/05/2009

  3. Ahhh. Nordstrom is having a bra fitting event going on this Wednesday and... brands available are DKNY and Wacoal . can't go wrong

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 23/03/2008

  4. i like nordstroms . especially brands like natori, wacoal , felina, le mystere. Felina has the prettiest fun bras . natori and wacoal have great everyday bras . And while you shop there, have...

    13 Answers · Beauty & Style · 06/02/2007

  5. ... and last almost forever, but they are rather expensive. I go to Nordstrom and have a fitting done and then, usually, buy one bra . Then I look up the Wacoal brand and the model and style on eBay and buy 2-3 more, each one at about 1...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 19/11/2013

  6. Wacoal bras have it right. The band and the cup support your... with big boobs! Now go to macy's or Nordstrom and try them on. They make great bras ...

    11 Answers · Beauty & Style · 06/03/2007

  7. ...then help you find the right sport bra for your size. they are superful at Nordstrom 's. wacoal and natori make great sports bras ...though they are kind of pricey. http://shop. nordstrom .com/S/3006129/0~2376776...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 22/06/2010

  8. ..., go to Saks, Nordstrom or Bloomingdales and talk to one of their bra fitters. They...quickly. I personally love Wacoal bras , and Freya...

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 23/01/2009

  9. ... can get these brands at Nordstrom , Macy's, and other ... sexier, prettier bras with matching undies. Wacoal makes bras that ...

    18 Answers · Beauty & Style · 03/10/2006

  10. Try Nordstroms , they're high-end so you know that you'... awesome (and they help u for free). Wacoal is an excellent line of bras , pricey though, but totally worth the money spent.

    8 Answers · Beauty & Style · 29/05/2009

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