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  1. If the landlord is going to pay the water bill it needs to be in his name, not yours. If it is in yours you will be responsible for payment. A $75 deposit the the norm

    4 Answers · Business & Finance · 28/09/2010

  2. ... a Winter Assistance fund for people who cannot pay their gas bill in the winter. There may also be state assistance (EAP) for energy bills ...

    2 Answers · Local Businesses · 04/11/2010

  3. What do you mean you don't know what to do?!?You go and get her & bring her to your home!!She is your mother you do whatever you have to,to make sure she doesn't end up like that guy in michigan.If she doesn't want to come to your home then while you...

    6 Answers · Family & Relationships · 05/05/2009

  4. ... My electric bill ( nipsco ) was $225. This is...about average for the winter My water bill includes sewage too and (homeowners) is paid as part of my monthly mortgage payment...

    5 Answers · Business & Finance · 10/02/2008

  5. ...a/c and fans 24/7 and last month my electric bill was $2.00 cheaper. During the winter...where my house stays nice and warm and I pay no more than 2 bucks extra a month. Stay on the...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 05/10/2007

  6. ...the increase, you would have 30 days at that time to give notice and not have to pay . In regards to a surcharge. I m not sure about this.

    5 Answers · Business & Finance · 08/08/2008

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