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  1. The cops will alsway go after you until you best the game if you car has more heat (or starts) on it then it will attract cops easier

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 24/05/2012

  2. ...ahead of you then suddenly stops. you must beat more rivals to go to heat 5 and it is the last heat . making easy money is by going...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 29/08/2006

  3. Hybrids will run the gas engine for heat when needed . For example: If you were just sitting still with the heat ...

    5 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 30/01/2008

  4. if you must leave, you can leave the wii system on (its like impossible for the thing to over heat ), just make sure you take the disk out if you do that, then when you put it back in it will remember where you were

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 25/08/2007

  5. .... C. 2 stage with variable speed blowers. Good ... company knows how to do heat /cool load calculations to determine the proper sized equipment for the house. Bigger is not...

    9 Answers · Home & Garden · 02/05/2008

  6. ...possible to take on almost any turn without an appreciable loss of speed . Submitted by Eric Mitchell ... go crazy. It's better if your heat is 2 or up as the lower level cops will...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 13/11/2007

  7. Go At A Ver very very high speed ...... And U'll get it..... At least thats how I got it

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 28/01/2009

  8. The average KE per molecule (also per atom in this case) is constant. Look up the atomic masses of neon and argon, m(Ne) and m(Ar). v = sqrt(2KE/m) ==> v(Ar) = v(Ne)*sqrt(m(Ne)/m(Ar)).

    2 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 08/05/2009

  9. look for weak points in the baracades (where the cars join) use your nos and go at full speed to get them of your trail you use the red triangles and when in cooldown use cover to get away (easy)

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 09/09/2006

  10. Contrary, to the two answers you already have, which suggest heating , From my common knowledge it needs cooling as the skin of the plane gets hot though high speed and air resistance. The cooling is achieved through an...

    3 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 02/11/2011

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