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  1. ... wasn't buying it. But when I saw the news and saw that he really was dead, I was excited...

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 03/05/2011

  2. Fran Drescher as anchorwoman for NBC news

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 18/06/2007

  3. Always get your news for several sources and then you can make up your own mind on what they are trying to tell or sell you!

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 24/08/2008

  4. ...), daily beast (a collection of internet columnists), daily nightly (from NBC news),, indecision forever (comedy central's political snark), the-...

    15 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 06/09/2010

  5. you have to be 18 and you can find it on your local cable station. here they tell you the lottery numbers on cbs and nbc on the 11 o'clock local news. just check your tv guide and look in the newspaper, it should be listed.

    8 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/09/2007

  6. ... almost everything like the grocery market tabloids do, and even news is as much directed by its entertainment value as it is...

    5 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 06/05/2010

  7. What i dont understand is why people are giving a crap about the Mayan Calendar, it has no basis in our modern world whatsoever, I mean, if the Mayans were still here Im pretty sure yesterday would have been a big deal for...

    8 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 26/12/2012

  8. ... networks. They could just as easily just show the ABC, NBC news item or translate their news in Brussels So basically yes it...

    30 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 03/04/2009

  9. I have worked for medium sized companies for many years and let me tell you, there is plenty of executive greed, even at the lower levels. I've seen where company executives had expensive...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 31/01/2009

  10. I say, Comcast, you F****d this up, FIX IT! Go back to Philly, you morons! BRING BACK THE PEACOCK! LONG LIVE THE BIRD!

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 03/02/2011

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    related to nbc news
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