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  1. although I can t answer your question. I d go to if you want to learn anything related to stocks it has a simulator and its perfect for questions that you have

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 03/10/2010

  2. Global confidence has declined in several areas and the concern over Italy's fiscal situation is not helping. It may get worse.

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 13/07/2011

  3. Jeff; The NASDAQ stocks, historically have taken the Summer off. They are cyclical in nature.

    1 Answers · Social Science · 06/07/2012

  4. Stock futures are probably "call options", which ...doin it in Zimbabwe and Somalia by george Futures Markets.\ PS: well shit, the gary above...

    6 Answers · Business & Finance · 23/11/2011

  5. Either short sell the Nasdaq ETF or sell Nasdaq futures . Two caveats: 1) Shorting the Nasdaq ETF...

    5 Answers · Business & Finance · 15/05/2013

  6. Unlikely at best. They will in the future give Microsoft a run for its money in the future in the Operating...

    4 Answers · Business & Finance · 09/12/2009

  7. ... of cash available, like the singapore, dubai, bombay,hong kong, shanghai, tokyo. in the future , the nyse and nasdaq , will find significant competition from the newer exchanges as the wealth...

    7 Answers · Business & Finance · 07/07/2008

  8. IF the Nasdaq averaged a return of 11.5 % per year(close to it's historical...really isn't any fool-proof way to predict what the market will do in the future , despite what the"experts" will tell you.

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 20/11/2007

  9. A futures contract gives you the opportunity/right to buy a certain investment in the future at... that the investment will go up during this period. The money you make from a futures contract is the amount of money you save by buying that investment at today...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 15/12/2008

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    related to: nasdaq futures
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