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  1. ...another fur pet, I would go with a pair of female rats, Perhaps mice or gerbils. Rats would be the smartest. A hamster possibly...

    4 Answers · Pets · 20/04/2017

  2. ...offensive. Many of my little pets were free, but like a baby mouse , he cost me $100 before his eyes were open. Saving...

    1 Answers · Pets · 19/03/2017

  3. ...might be a problem for you: Feeding snakes. They only eat live mice or rats, they don't accept dead meat.

    2 Answers · Pets · 07/04/2021

  4. ...starve before learning what they eat. Now I rescued a baby mouse about a week old, and without the great help of a vet, the baby simply would not have...

    3 Answers · Pets · 03/02/2017

  5. ...'s best not to feed only bird, give them some red meat too. Mouse and rat is good for them, with babies being snacks...

    4 Answers · Pets · 30/12/2016

  6. That is perfectly fine, but means you wouldn't be able to use those electronic rodent repellers without driving the bunny nuts.

    2 Answers · Pets · 30/12/2016

  7. Great bargain shopping. Do not see any problem. Just listen to everything those Petco people tell you and what could go wrong (?)

    2 Answers · Pets · 29/12/2016

  8. ...t break skin. The big African bullfrog can break bones in a mouse and the mouse isn't going anywhere. You could break bones in...

    1 Answers · Pets · 26/12/2016

  9. Highly recommend FERRETS!!! Do you want a small animal that bonds with you like a cat or dog? Then a ferret is perfect for you. Some bond more than others, but with a tiny bit of training and a little free time to play with them and you...

    11 Answers · Pets · 20/12/2016

  10. ...offensive. Even my mom was a bit surprised my mice and rats had such little odor, one of her excuses for...

    4 Answers · Pets · 11/12/2016

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