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  1. Not 'wrong'. The way this hypocritical racism lark runs is that it's only racist if you wish to demean or poke fun at the race you're dressing up to look like. If you culturally appropriate that look to 'better' yourself then is only sad. 

    6 Answers · News & Events · 20/09/2019

  2. I do not believe MJ is guilty of any crimes against children (or anyone). He is the victim of extortion rackets.

    9 Answers · News & Events · 25/03/2019

  3. ... to it......they all pretty much say it's pretty damning stuff. the Jackson families response, was to sue HBO for $100 Million...

    8 Answers · News & Events · 09/03/2019

  4. The Hillary Branch Davidians (Democrats) went crazy years ago when they thought they were voting for Michael Jackson LOL

    3 Answers · News & Events · 18/12/2016

  5. Its the same as with Michael Jackson we never will really know. These sort of people very good in what they do (to many) often have personal problems.

    8 Answers · News & Events · 04/06/2016

  6. Isn't she just the nastiest racist since Michael Jackson!

    4 Answers · News & Events · 09/02/2016

  7. ...illuminati. the idea is that sexual abuse of children can make for talent. Michael Jackson is a sad example. His dad molested him and all his...

    5 Answers · News & Events · 21/10/2015

  8. In history, I am a great fan of Smedley Butler, USMC, who deserves much wider attention. He was a much decorated Marine who became an outspoken critic of American foreign...

    15 Answers · News & Events · 12/09/2015

  9. He died of a drug overdose after his dependence on drugs started as a result of years of persecution by the media and legal authorities

    12 Answers · News & Events · 12/03/2015

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