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  1. wanna name him after Michael] WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL♥<3 -Always, Mrs.Jackson<3

    18 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 26/05/2008

  2. Well, he TECHNICALLY named his oldest son Michael Jackson Jr. (sooo original) whom the press/he nicknamed Prince...

    8 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 11/08/2009

  3. ...association (I knew a guy in High School named Michael Jackson and he got teased all the time), so I don't think I...

    15 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 24/01/2011

  4. ... (i.e. two middle names) seems kind of uppity. either go with michael jackson or go with jackson michael or something else with michael.

    8 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 01/01/2011

  5. If you want to, then sure. Micheal Jackson was a good man and his death was unexpected. I didn't...

    10 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 03/07/2009

  6. Well, first it immediately makes me think of Michael Jackson and second it makes me think of Michael Scott...

    6 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 18/12/2009

  7. Lol uhm...... let's see. Maybe you can name him Michael Joseph File sounds the best to me. You can also go with Peter Jackson File but I've never been a fan of the name Peter...

    16 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 01/07/2009

  8. I prefer Michael as a first name. Jackson is good for a middle name I guess. I know what you mean, I don't like the name Mike. I prefer saying the first name as it is.

    14 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 13/12/2009

  9. ... too if I have a son, I'll name him Joseph Michael (which is MJ's first and middle name in ...

    11 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 12/12/2009

  10. Im not sure, but it could make some parents a bit nervous. "Mum, i'm staying round Michael Jacksons house tonight"

    8 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 05/10/2009

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