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  1. Though the idea is logical, a lot of hikers hike to get away from the hubbub and technology of the city...still need to be rescued if they became lost or hurt. The time to find them may be...

    9 Answers · Sports · 11/02/2008

  2. Because these type stories and news tug at the heart strings and emotions of the majority... and that results in more sales and subscriptions of newspapers.

    11 Answers · Social Science · 23/03/2007

  3. The families called off the search after about two weeks knowing there was no way anyone could survive in that environment that long. Their bodies are still up there.

    4 Answers · News & Events · 14/01/2007

  4. Actually, people get lost all the time in part due to the weather; even experienced hikers operating in familiar territory...they didn't return, and the lost hikers were found the next...

    7 Answers · Sports · 24/09/2012

  5. I totally remember hearing about that. Dude...a mile from the car. What idiots!!

    3 Answers · News & Events · 23/01/2008

  6. pr0bably came up missing

    1 Answers · Sports · 24/04/2010

  7. ... personal water bottles... The Hiker is a no frills, simple filter and has...when the others clogged, broke, or lost small parts. The newer version of...

    5 Answers · Sports · 23/10/2012

  8. ...put their lives in danger to find these idiots? When hikers leave with a snowstorm on the way or just hike in dangerous areas, don...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 11/02/2008

  9. Well as an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast I am appalled at you lack of respect for human...

    14 Answers · Sports · 24/12/2006

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