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  1. Go online to The New York Times website and do a search for those things. They all come up pretty fast. Here's an article I found about elections in France. It's called "Time...

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 05/06/2012

  2. It's about a man named Jean Valjean who stole a loaf of bread to save his sister's son, went to prison for 19 years, was released and afterwards pursued by Inspector Javert, a policeman who...

    3 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 20/05/2009

  3. I gave an answer to this when you posted it a second time. I wanted to add that the student activists were perfectly correct in their uprising against the government. They were doing the only thing they could when free...

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 13/03/2014

  4. There is no skiing, piano dance, or art in Les Mis. What would be more helpful would be your vocal range (highest to lowest, Cosette is a high soprano, Fantine is a mezzo soprano, Eponine and...

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 27/04/2013

  5. This question was already answered so here's a link to it.

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 01/02/2011

  6. Haha, Tux! That's a good one! But in all seriousness, Fatima, if you understand French, I would advice you to read it in French. When a book is translated - how well the translator might have done it - there will always be...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 25/08/2011

  7. Redemption, Revolution, Love, Freedom, Honor

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 25/12/2009

  8. Because they found out that she was sending money to the Thernardiers (The innkeepers who were looking after Cosette) They thought that she was a prostitute and that is how she...

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 17/10/2013

  9. It was nothing short of incredible and moving and beautiful. I love the stellar cast, the acting, the score, the portrayal of French history and its streets as well as war, everything. Every minute of the film was emotionally powerful and kept...

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 11/01/2013

  10. 1) 'God has brought you out of darkness. I have bought your soul for God.' Said by:____ The Priest, Val Jean robbed the candlesticks and silver from. Said to...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 22/02/2015

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