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  1. If Hezbollah attacks Argentina the US will go to their assistance.

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/07/2019

  2. According to Google maps it will take you 553 hours, although the route they´ve provided seems unnecessarily long =)

    8 Answers · Travel · 04/12/2018

  3. And yet another poor individual brainwashed by media outlets. You really shouldn't believe everything you read from such sites. Here is a simple reason why: The Bible NEVER stated that the Canaanites...

    0 Answers · Society & Culture · 09/09/2019

  4. Yeah, it's rather jarring even if you think Israel is just as bad as many allege. The Palestinians in these nations have had atrocities perpetrated against them yet those things are...

    6 Answers · Travel · 07/03/2019

  5. Jay, A lot of Lebanese Jews left the county after the civil war like many of Muslim/Christian Lebanese. Indeed the're still a good number that I can't confirm the numbers still in central Beirut, but what...

    1 Answers · Travel · 17/08/2019

  6. well Lebanon is in the middle east.... its not a race classification if thats what you mean... its a geographical location.. They are also Asians.. Lebanon is in Asia..

    5 Answers · Travel · 02/04/2019

  7. Not true, in lebanon shia are more religious than sunnis. Iraqi shia are also religious, only ceratin group of iranian shia are not religious

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 19/06/2019

  8. Israel Syria Lebanon Jordan Iran Iraq

    10 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 04/09/2019

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