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  1. Don't know your team or your league. I like Nova. Good luck.

    1 Answers · Sports · 03/04/2011

  2. ...of a Starting PG and sharing some good minutes with Kyle Lowry. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!

    4 Answers · Sports · 04/03/2009

  3. I'm sorry to say it's going to be a long season for you my friend.... Your very thin at the PG position, Mike Conley might be a sleeper for you, but loose skip to my Lou and add some one else. Thornton was a steal, but Oneal...

    2 Answers · Sports · 06/11/2007

  4. Great trade. Team Grade-4 NBA Championship- Dallas Mavericks

    1 Answers · Sports · 16/12/2010

  5. I doubt you'll get much for Gronk. He laid a big goose egg last week and now with Hernandez back, his numbers will stay lower. He's still an elite TE, but there's so many of them this season that in a 12 team league, only a couple...

    2 Answers · Sports · 18/10/2011

  6. I wouldn't rush into this and it can be very iffy, but if you can, drop Nate Robinson for Marco Bellinelli.

    2 Answers · Sports · 20/02/2012

  7. Nobody on the wire is that great, except maybe Henderson...but he's probably not better than Beasley good luck

    3 Answers · Sports · 10/03/2012

  8. looks to me like you need scoring. unfortunately, none of these guys are big scorers. Kleiza around 11 ppg and Hill around 10 look like your best options. Kleiza adds a 3-pointer or two per game and a few...

    3 Answers · Sports · 10/03/2012

  9. Take Rodgers with the best QB. He's outscoring both Ertz and Rudolph in a standard format and averages more receptions/game than either too. An even better option is Austin...

    4 Answers · Sports · 15/10/2015

  10. You need more depth up front. Since its such a big league, participants will most likely be hesitant to give up a top-tier big man unless you were giving up Rudy Gay and Caron Butler. I suggest trading for...

    2 Answers · Sports · 30/10/2008

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