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  1. Well places that are hard to see are the back & foot (depending on size & types of shoes). I just got a foot tattoo recently & it's not as bad as one might imagine.

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 08/10/2010

  2. How come people of your ilk keep on forgetting that around the same time the UN created another Muslim country involving a large transfer of civilian population ? I am referring to the creation of carving out Pakistan from...

    5 Answers · Travel · 10/06/2012

  3. He deserves this, because he killed so many Kurds and Shias. Besides, there's no international restriction to the death penalty!

    14 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/03/2007

  4. Reagan sold the gas to Hussein to kill the Kurds, Syria got it from Iraq, now have a guess where it came from.

    5 Answers · News & Events · 02/09/2013

  5. Many people come in a variety of skin tones and hair colors from very light to dark. But, based on their heritage, culture etc. they don't consider themselves white.

    10 Answers · Society & Culture · 11/12/2012

  6. ... Empire is sending a clear message to the Kurds. You are no longer needed and becoming more of...

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 25/03/2008

  7. Middle Easterners, North Africans & South Asians (Persians, Arabs, Punjabis, Assyrians, Kurds, Azeris, Pashtuns, Turks etc.)

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 13/05/2011

  8. ..., who is supposedly our ally in NATO, does not want a Kurdish country on its Southern border. Most of this is because...

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/06/2007

  9. ... lower population is not the reason for the lack of independent,Kurds & Torks in the Middle East region should be independent country...

    6 Answers · News & Events · 03/11/2012

  10. Iraq had invaded Kuwait and we had an airbase there, also he had gassed the Kurds in northern Iraq. Canada was involved in a support role

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 24/05/2012

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