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  1. Yes you can. Just go on the internet using yahoo search and type in the box (card sharp folding knife ) You should get many hits on this knife . Good luck.

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 04/07/2013

  2. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. To get a cheap knife go to google it. Crossman for the bb gun but i suggest a 50 dollar break barrel pellet gun. More accurate and hits harder.

    1 Answers · Sports · 31/10/2011

  3. first of all not everything bought online is what it's supposed to be. Your...and call for help. If your mom uses the knife she won't be around to kick you out of the house...

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 03/05/2015

  4. ... as your skills. You can have any cqc weapon out ( knife , handgun, grenade) to do this. Just grab them and hit triangle. To roll over on someone hit X to kneel (if you aren't already...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 23/06/2008

  5. ... far as the knives on Buying cheap throwing knives is a hit or miss type of thing and ordering them online is even more risky because you can't hold it in the store and test for the...

    3 Answers · Sports · 02/07/2012

  6. Listen, dating online is like a knife with 2 cutting edges. You can either.... So most of the people which fall in love online they fall in love with an image that the other one creates...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 30/05/2012

  7. Leggings and a sweater and some bras off Victoria's Secret.

    27 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 04/01/2011

  8. Call your insurance company.

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 21/07/2009

  9. ... Knives .html Also, if you do a Google search for "wholesale knives and swords Tennessee," you will get a number of hits .

    2 Answers · Local Businesses · 04/09/2010

  10. knife -a155cl.html Keep in mind that these are NOT...39;ll be fine. They will snap the blade out when you hit the release. The safeties are apparently...

    5 Answers · Sports · 04/07/2013

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