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  1. ...look like complete morons typing like that. I can just picture some kid typing normally and then OOH SHINY OBJECT!

    10 Answers · Computers & Internet · 16/02/2008

  2. http://www.typingpal. com is a great typing website. Ultra Key is a program that you can buy. or typer shark is a game that kids absolutely love, that you can play on almost any game website

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 11/10/2011

  3. No luck on an exact answer but try here http:// typing -for- kids -software-review.toptenreviews. com / I know sponge bob is popular with kids so maby? also try http...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 09/07/2007

  4. Try some of these http://www.abcya. com / kids _ typing _game.htm http://www.2flashgames. com /f/f-Letters-Game--1828.htm http...

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 14/08/2012

  5. http://www.polyvore. com /nicoleclothes/set?id=11033370 ^^Those are some types of clothes that scene kids wear. Also, in the picture, you can see some scene hair cuts, but here...

    4 Answers · Beauty & Style · 12/08/2009

  6. .... It s really impossible to determine if a wrestler really enjoys kids or if they re simply doing it because it s a part of their jobs...

    6 Answers · Sports · 04/05/2009

  7. Check out: www.kidscomputerzone. com They have a great collection of typing games geared towards children. Appears very safe, too. Hope this helps!

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 27/05/2012

  8. he's no way fat!

    9 Answers · Health · 29/08/2007

  9. ... with the proper parental guidance. The game play itself is very kid -friendly, and completely appropriate. However, please be aware that it is an environment where anyone can play and can theoretically type anything. (Though efforts are made to keep it a clean...

    9 Answers · Games & Recreation · 23/01/2007

  10. try here: http://www.1001freefonts. com / or here: com /font/ kid _ type .html

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 13/08/2007

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