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  1. D. A keystone species can be anything. The definition of a keystone species is a species that means more to its ecosystem than ...

    4 Answers · Environment · 25/04/2011

  2. What are you asking? There are keystone species everywhere. If you are needing a definition it is when a animal is generally looked upon by humans...

    1 Answers · Environment · 25/03/2008

  3. ...might not do too much when observed. There's actual several definitions beyond this of what a keystone species is. It could be a small predator that keeps down a population of...

    2 Answers · Environment · 19/12/2010

  4. Not all species are keystone species You describe it by definition in your first paragraph Climate change could effect habits creating a new keystone species .

    2 Answers · Environment · 11/12/2013

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