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  1. ...the dogs salivate, not the bell itself. IN other words, Pavlov conditioned the dogs to think of food when they heard the bell, not necessarily to start drooling...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 29/09/2011

  2. Ivan Pavlov 's experiment consisted of feeding dogs and ringing a bell at the same time. The dog would naturally salivate when...

    8 Answers · Social Science · 29/01/2008

  3. It deals with behavior modification and learned behavior with stimuli in dogs . Papaw

    4 Answers · Pets · 02/04/2012

  4. Read that experiment once again.Compare what Pavlov is doing and What n How Dog is responding.Then find the link between Stimulus and...

    1 Answers · Social Science · 07/04/2014

  5. ...triggered by the sound of a bell. The bell was rung each time the dog was given food, and so the association was formed.

    2 Answers · Social Science · 12/04/2010

  6. D animals responses that appear to be instinctive may actually be learned

    2 Answers · Social Science · 15/08/2012

  7. conditioning of some kind, operant maybe anyway, he measured how much saliva the dogs had by collecting it. Ivan Pavlov "ring my bell" from a song

    4 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 09/01/2007

  8. He was a Russian psychiatrist who performed the classic experiment involving dogs and ringing a bell. This illustrated the psychological concept...

    8 Answers · Education & Reference · 17/03/2008

  9. ... shaped behavior. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian psychologist... in his classic experiments on conditioning dogs . Pavlov showed how...

    2 Answers · Social Science · 01/12/2008

  10. ...involuntary reflex response. Dogs don't do it on purpose; it is automatic. Pavlov rings a bell right before giving the dog food, every time. After a while, the dog starts to salivate when the bell...

    2 Answers · News & Events · 09/12/2013

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    related to: ivan pavlov dog experiment
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