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  1. No, I did not know that.  Thanks for the info. Or, as you said, ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 02/12/2019

  2. I know right Americans at the biggest hypocrites on the planet fat shits

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 11/11/2019

  3. Only morons that smell like rotting garbage left out in the sun are stupid enough to post the same mindless sh!t over and over. How stupid do you have to be to create account after account to continually spam the same idiotic questions over and over and never being bright enough to see that...

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 04/10/2019

  4. Shut up. I didn't agree with any of that shxt. Oh but we paid for it. And are continuing to pay for them all with funds we don't have to spare. All you had to do was watch it from your serene...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/09/2019

  5. Russia and China will benefit from selling weapons to Iran ......... and .......... Military contractors will benefit from milking American tax payers

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 03/07/2019

  6. If you are debating with Uncle Pennybags, you are fighting a losing battle. He is very wise. I too, disagree with almost everything you said.

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 03/06/2019

  7. It is amazing how the Left wants the USA to be the world's policeman since the Saudi government murdered a Saudi citizen inside a Saudi consulate in Turkey. Note countries like Iran and...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 29/05/2019

  8. To transfer America's wealth to billionaires and corporations faster. Then when they are done, they roll up the carpet and hang an Out of Business sign on American Democracy.

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 29/05/2019

  9. True. We lost Vietnam, Cuba, Slovenia, Afghanistan, Philippines, the continuing war with Russia, Iraq .

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 23/05/2019

  10. secular muslims , they like communism not USA

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 13/05/2019

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