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  1. ...wonderful examples of humanity are some of those who answered! Holocaust prisoners were tortured in the following ways...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 28/08/2011

  2. Hypocondria is phobic behaviour because the person is going thrugh unusual feelings and doesn't understand them and its clear its primary discomfort is rooted in fear which fuels the anxiety. if one feels fear...

    2 Answers · Social Science · 18/10/2012

  3. Hitler was the greatest white man who ever lived. The holocaust is a hoax. Anne Frank's diary is a lie. She died in old age.

    4 Answers · Social Science · 13/02/2012

  4. The Holocaust ; the World Wars; the American Revolution; the Civil War, etc.

    10 Answers · Social Science · 05/10/2007

  5. turn it into good become a comedian or an actor you are twisted but if you are not hurting people and they see you as a joke then I don't see it as a bad thing. just don't intentionally hurt people

    5 Answers · Social Science · 24/09/2015

  6. ...the most common fear of substance (meaning, not a hypothetical scenario such as nuclear holocaust and also not something trivial, such as a spider on the bathroom wall). Public...

    9 Answers · Social Science · 17/03/2008

  7., and he was one of the people in the concentration camps during the Holocaust . Scary. I know someone who was hypnotized into a...

    1 Answers · Social Science · 01/04/2007

  8. ... start to vandalize together, etc. Other social situations.. the Holocaust . Hitler was a man who made people feel like they had...

    2 Answers · Social Science · 27/04/2008

  9. ...not have died, such as the 9/11 deaths, people who died in the Holocaust or innocent civilians in the Gaza bombings. When...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 13/01/2009

  10. Hopefully, none of the above. Something tells me that psychiatry would offer nothing more than a laughable, and very *base* symmetry that the Good Lord would probably get a pretty good laugh out of.

    4 Answers · Social Science · 19/04/2014

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