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  1. The Holocaust is, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, the most ...dig deep, it's unimaginable. I've been learning about the Holocaust since I was in high school and really didn't get the whole picture until...

    8 Answers · Social Science · 09/04/2008

  2. The holocaust makes me sad because of how the people lived and thousands of them died. The good thing is that it is over and still a few lived to talk about it.

    6 Answers · Social Science · 19/09/2008

  3. Books about the Holocaust .. that was mass murder.. it was the most...there is also a film called '' Holocaust ..'' watch that as well then you will have ...

    3 Answers · Social Science · 28/07/2008

  4. ...perspective the groups of individuals associated with the Holocaust (perpetrators, victims, bystanders, resistance fighters...

    2 Answers · Social Science · 21/07/2012

  5. Holocaust or holohoax ?????????

    7 Answers · Social Science · 12/02/2011

  6. What are you talking about? The holocaust and the subsequent war criminal trials were the events that prompted Milgram into thinking about issues of authority and obedience.

    5 Answers · Social Science · 16/03/2008

  7. I would interpret her statement as meaning "It would have been easier to die". This would refer to the fact that the genocide being perpetrated on the Jewish People by the Nazis was so...

    9 Answers · Social Science · 02/10/2007

  8. Would suggest reading Victor Frankl, he was a holocaust survivor, and in many concentration camps. Just search the web using his name.

    2 Answers · Social Science · 21/12/2007

  9. To hold somebody accountable for the alleged crimes of the " Holocaust ", you must first believe that "The Holocaust ", the...

    5 Answers · Social Science · 15/04/2010

  10. ...have learned. It took me sometime to find this about a Holocaust Memorial in London being removed. UK ...

    18 Answers · Social Science · 04/04/2008

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