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  1. They hated Germans before the "holocaust." That's why they made up the holocaust with no shame. ...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 02/02/2019

  2. ...they are being oppressed by some white-supremacist privilege; and many holocaust deniers believe much of the world's problems can be blamed...

    13 Answers · Society & Culture · 21/07/2019

  3. the first human couple rebelled against God’s rulership, choosing to set their own standards of good and bad. They turned away from God and suffered the consequences. Today we are...

    25 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/05/2019

  4. Because despite his disarming and effeminate manner,  he is an ignorant, deceptive, and uncaring baastard.  Jesus abandoned his own Jewish countrymen.  NO WONDER God left him on the cross...

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 16/11/2019

  5. Attention whores and propaganda. This allah shyt is the same

    11 Answers · Society & Culture · 15/10/2019

  6. Well seeing how not holding the official view can get you actually jailed in many countries, in Europe especially, it certainly looks as though somebody with a lot of power doesn't want the story subjected to scrutiny. You'd have to wonder why?

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 02/02/2019

  7. ATROCITY - "an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury." Someone with an OPINION is worthy of that? Not as far as I'm concerned.

    7 Answers · Society & Culture · 21/11/2019

  8. Hitler was against anyone that would not join his regime. So Jews and JW,s were targets.

    16 Answers · Society & Culture · 02/12/2019

  9. He was admiring the Nazis' shiny silver belt buckles with his name on them.

    9 Answers · Society & Culture · 24/01/2019

  10. While it's a shame, it's yet another example of the corrosive effects backward, willfully-ignorant fundamentalist religions and their believers have on human civilization as a whole. As baffling as it may seem, these people actually take pride in themselves for...

    9 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/03/2019

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