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  1. If your just playing a pick up game your fine with football cleats they might slow you down and may make it a little harder to strike...

    3 Answers · Sports · 23/07/2013

  2. ... use them all. If you have a guy who can flat get rid of the football , you have just reduced the number of sacks and negative yardage...

    3 Answers · Sports · 27/01/2009

  3. dude rap sucks for highlight films. you need rock or a song i use a lot is requiem for a dream- clint mansekk. The name sounds gay but it goes good with highlights . oh and its kinda orchastra

    3 Answers · Sports · 07/04/2009

  4. If you re attempting to make a professional style highlight video to send to colleges (not sure if it s a high school player... I could be of some help, good luck with your highlight video!

    14 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 23/10/2008

  5. has a pretty sweet setup. It has highlights from teams each week, and individual players, along with a lot more.

    4 Answers · Sports · 25/01/2008

  6. made from Not only did he make my highlight video and market it to coaches but he also set me up with a solid workout...

    3 Answers · Sports · 15/01/2013

  7. boom by pod is great for defensive highlights , big hits, etc and is an all around great song. right now by van halen...

    4 Answers · Sports · 03/02/2008

  8. 1 Record football plays. Point...the subject of your highlight tape, and record your... to Make a Football Highlight Tape on the ...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 29/12/2011

  9. ... a couple of things, did I see some of the same highlights twice? That's not necessarily a bad thing, just thought it was...

    1 Answers · Sports · 21/03/2011

  10. ... - Nelly These are some good ones for football highlights . Check 'em out and hope you enjoy!

    5 Answers · Sports · 03/09/2015

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