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  1. ...when I did... warriors were not very well suited for pvp . Unless things have really changed, I'd stick with...

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 15/06/2011

  2. ...some battleground groups, it may be quicker to get honor than to look for drops from regular dungeons or grind them for rep. Edit...

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 20/12/2010

  3. For pvp you want to be frost hands down. But if its between fire or...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 18/03/2011

  4. for arenas i would choose arms because you can max out your damage faster and be more helpful to your team. For BG's i've always found it really good to be prot.

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 15/07/2011

  5. ... be a plaiden they arent fun to play and not fun to play against (they always win pvp ). as for race just go for looks i like orcs trolls look wierd in wow...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 28/12/2009

  6. ... in Dex, Strength and Faith for that weapon. It has a S strength, the demon's souls forums to find good pvp builds. Here's a strength pvp build: http...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 10/04/2013

  7. Ask on Tomhardware, or try majorgeek articles for those topic, is suitable board for programmers, there's also which is a good one :)

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 04/11/2012

  8. Range definetly, Range is the most deadly attack in my opinion. Mages are slow, but have strong spells, but the time they hit in a good high attack a strong fast ranger can get a good 3 arrows in. And against cloth armour if you use strong...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 26/01/2010

  9. warlock. all u have to do is fear then put all the curses u can, then run

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 03/07/2010

  10. rogue or shaman i prefer

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 07/11/2010

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