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  1. Well, I really think that you shouldn't be with your new boyfriend if you feel like something might happen with your ex. And if you do leave him, and nothing happens with your ex, you still should leave him alone. I don't think it...

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 13/12/2007

  2. ...for a loooong time once she's back in her country. I wouldn't exchange long emails about missing her or anything like that, but I...

    5 Answers · Family & Relationships · 10/04/2010

  3. Hey, i think foreigners are hot too, i love accents from a different countries, if ur into one of the foreign exchange students talk to them, ask them out, see if they want to go out for dinner or something.

    5 Answers · Family & Relationships · 07/10/2009

  4. ...he is so busy he will be able to manage his homesickness. Being an exchange student is too an important opportunity to miss. You are only limited...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 09/01/2011

  5. ...enough to smile at you. you could end up talking to her over the net, so exchange emails, etc.

    6 Answers · Family & Relationships · 22/04/2008

  6. Say Guten Tag!

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 29/08/2010

  7. He's just jealous. Just try to make him understand that you two are only friends and that he should be nicer to the exchange student.

    4 Answers · Family & Relationships · 05/09/2015

  8. Foreign exchange student implies that he will have to return after some preset period of time, usually a school...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 02/01/2011

  9. How to get a foreign exchange student...What? In Bed? To go out with you? To marry? Very vague.

    5 Answers · Family & Relationships · 01/01/2009

  10. I don't think it's any different than dating anyone else. People are people.

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 08/11/2007

  1. Ads
    related to exchange student
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