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  1. They don't wear as much bright clothing as Americans. They dress much nicer than us. Not very many wild prints, lots of stripes, very nice jeans (when they do wear them), no big, white sneakers, etc...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 13/02/2009

  2. Maybe they are something new and something different for you? Maybe you're just paying too much attention to them? How well do you get to know them, do you learn anything about their culture and their countries?

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 06/05/2011

  3. Considering that the French exchange student probably comes in your country to learn more about its culture and...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 20/10/2009

  4. Probably both. I think you mean challenging. OR, maybe you mean changeling??!! I had one of those once.

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 27/03/2014

  5. No crush is more normal than any other. But staying w/ her and comforting her WOULD be normal and kind, not specifically dykey (if that's a word I can use in polite company). And you'll either get over her when she leaves or...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 08/02/2013

  6. Find out if she's a lesbian first. If you don't, you might scare her away. As for spain not having many lesbians or gays??? Yes, that is true. You are going to a VERY religious country.

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/10/2013

  7. Hon do you realize that school is also the grounds for socialization skills? This is why there are so many debates between those who believe in home schooling and those that believe in community schools (public or paid). YOU...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 27/10/2013

  8. Sad. It sounds like he is gay though. He doesn't date girls, but he is hot? You have email, and cell phones, and facebook, and myspace, etc., etc., etc. so it is not like there is no way to keep in contact. So, just deal with it...

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 28/10/2009

  9. Yes. She is from France....but I haven't spoken to her in a year.

    7 Answers · Society & Culture · 28/11/2012

  10. Ask her what she thinks of America so far. Ask her how it's different from school in Korea (hint - it's different!) Oh, and make sure you let her know how good her English is, Korean girls can...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 03/09/2013

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