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  1. ...hydrogen fuel cell electric cars over battery electric cars and have in the past offered them...hydrogen and not simply powering our vehicles with compressed natural gas which would be...

    6 Answers · Environment · 30/01/2016

  2. ... in a car) Electric car if you think about how electricity is generated, transmitted...they actually emit more CO2 than gasoline vehicles, okay for golf courses.

    1 Answers · Environment · 02/12/2015

  3. ... There are also electric cars known as neighborhood electric vehicles or low speed electric vehicles:

    8 Answers · Environment · 28/10/2015

  4. ...inefficient and costly process. While hydrogen used for a a hydrogen fuel cell electric car is considered a zero emission vehicle a great deal of pollution and greenhouse gases are released in the...

    6 Answers · Environment · 11/08/2015

  5. either, because they most certainly will not. I'm not too much of a fan of electric cars though, although the Tesla does seem like a type of electric car I...

    32 Answers · Environment · 06/06/2015

  6. ...'m in China where electric, bicycles, mopeds and other vehicles are extremely are... of pollution in cities, but car exhausts seem to be a big one...

    15 Answers · Environment · 21/05/2015

  7. ...eliminate the maintenance of having to charge the vehicle in an already maintenance light electric vehicle they make the car essentially buy and go. + considering present efficiency solar can be economical in...

    8 Answers · Environment · 29/04/2015

  8. have different tricks to more than make up for the difference and allow electric cars to beat ICE vehicles consistently at drag strips and that also makes electric drive one of the...

    3 Answers · Environment · 27/03/2015

  9. The charging station you buy for your electric car will depend upon several factors not related to the car. 1. how fast do you need to charge the vehicle? More amps (+ volts) translates to a quicker...

    2 Answers · Environment · 20/03/2015

  10. ...know as a "parallel hybrid." In this car the ICE and the electric motor are both mechanically connected to the drive train and work together to drive the vehicle. At low speeds the ICE may...

    7 Answers · Environment · 24/02/2015

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    related to electric car electric vehicle
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