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  1. They should accept the fact that lots of Muslims do bad things in the name of Islam, and that's a liability they have to deal with if they want to project a good image to the rest of the world.

    11 Answers · Society & Culture · 24/07/2012

  2. can't we just google each one of these claims and learn the truth?

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 21/07/2012

  3. Oh, it is way past time. They are angry and violent people, especially when in a mob. The people in the video, which I've seen and is true, are insane - angry, violent and vulgar mouthed men, women and children...

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 29/06/2012

  4. Egypts like other muslims if given the oppoturnity voted what they wanted-the strict version of islam as practised by the prophet,the ME is headed for the toilet dark ages but thank God some of us are not there to...

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 26/06/2012

  5. ..., Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Azerbaijan and East Timor. The West is slowyly waking up: A Pew...

    7 Answers · Society & Culture · 27/06/2012

  6. We should believe him. What he said is true. The Islamic Quran and ahadith confirm that Islam is political and militaristic first and a religion last. It still is spread by the sword. Christians...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 01/06/2012

  7. You got the spelling wrong. Its "piece" and not "peace". It divides the world into pieces (muslims and non-muslims) it cuts humans into pieces by blowing themselves...

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/05/2012

  8. my local indian shopkeeper told me 20 years ago when i asked him why muslims are hated so much in his own county ? he replied muslims are the most EVIL race on the planet, they promote terrisiom, the...

    9 Answers · Society & Culture · 22/04/2012

  9. Islam should be banned in the interests of humanity

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 29/03/2012

  10. ..., Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Azerbaijan and East Timor. Muslims fight against Zoroastrians, Copts, Hindus...

    6 Answers · Society & Culture · 19/03/2012

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