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  1. They will drug test you - But there is no way for them to know if you have or have ever gotten a card or not. It seems like every other person on the planet has there "medical card" No big deal

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 24/12/2010

  2. .... Reducing the ATC force to zero thus paying for free drugs.Remember that everybody would not take drugs,there are some of...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/04/2010

  3. I choose to be drug free because I can. Who says I'm violence free?

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 21/05/2007

  4. Only a fool would use it before going into work. It is prescribed for the very ill to relieve significant pain. Contrary to what you may believe, it is not meant to be dispensed to be a party drug.

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 28/10/2007

  5. Yeah sure, in thought, perhaps a caption that asks "How Do You Handle Pain" compare the two sides of consequence for the choices made. Include some reason/s for those reaching for their...

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 16/10/2008

  6. I'd never be one to advocate the use of hardcore psychedelics but they've always worked well for me. There's just no other way to wrap your head around the idea that the universe is a 3-dimensional holographic projection on a two-dimensional brane.

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 24/11/2011

  7. listen sf kid. Hard drugs like heroin, 95% of them come from afghanistan, so by doing it your...

    14 Answers · Politics & Government · 16/08/2009

  8. dare

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 15/07/2009

  9. Nope. People would take one look at you and call you boss to have you replaced.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 26/05/2010

  10. Medicare takes care of my drugs!

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 04/08/2009

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    related to drug-free
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