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  1. ... by the end of spring, maybe sooner. There's a variety of drugs being tested, and we should be able to come up with something that will help...

    7 Answers · Health · 25/03/2020

  2. ...more relaxed!  Fevers have always Killed all Cancers! Drug companies do not want us to remember this!  If you know anyone...

    17 Answers · Health · 23/03/2020

  3. ... and need that fag to calm down.     Fag's contain an addictive stimulant drug, what is it? we all know it's nicotine. Nicotine is well...

    3 Answers · Health · 14/03/2020

  4. Nope. They’ll label you a “drug seeker”

    5 Answers · Health · 10/03/2020

  5. I think you bring up a valid argument--individual responsibility. But addiction often has the symptoms of a physical disease and may be treated as such.

    11 Answers · Health · 04/03/2020

  6. ...with this man who doesn't seem to get his act together, go to alcohol and drug rehab and meetings, go to a junior college or city college to get better...

    4 Answers · Health · 27/02/2020

  7. ... it might help if I stopped smoking and stop doing drugs. What can you do to feel better each day? For me ...

    8 Answers · Health · 24/02/2020

  8. ...badly damaged my brain and my body with extremely neurotoxic psychiatric drugs based on a misdiagnosis.  For 5 years they ...

    5 Answers · Health · 21/02/2020

  9. It's really funny that just 200 years ago when people had no choice but to eat farm grown hand raised food none of these strange anxieties and bipolar disease has existed. With the prepared food in the potato chips and the...

    1 Answers · Health · 18/02/2020

  10. It causes psychosis and mental illness Many illegal drugs do the same things as well

    2 Answers · Health · 05/02/2020

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