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  1. Ugly in which aspect? mind or the physical appearance? if she is ugly in physical appearance I might be but if she is ugly in mind never.

    11 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 28/07/2012

  2. Awww. Arrnt You just the cutest pickle in the jar.

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 15/08/2012

  3. ...problem. No harm no foul. I'm not going to hate on a guy that doesn 't date girls with tiny tatas because he doesnt like tiny tatas...

    17 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 28/06/2011

  4. It means she doesn 't date yet? What so hard to understand about that?

    13 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 11/08/2013

  5. No if the lady can't be bothered to look after her appearance then I can't be bothered with her.

    10 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 28/07/2012

  6. Well dating is the process of working out whether you're compatible with a person to the point where you're willing to commit to living your whole life with them in marriage. Most people date a few people before they find someone they're happy with for that...

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 01/12/2016

  7. ...) You go for a cheap lunch, and your date doesn 't finish about 25-40%, and throws it out. You... the signal that she's not interested, so it doesn 't matter as much because I won't have...

    11 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 14/09/2010

  8. Honestly, I'd love to date someone who reads books (since I'm into reading myself). However, I know that not everyone enjoys doing so. I've been interested in plenty of guys who weren...

    7 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 30/01/2015

  9. what do you mean doesn 't text?? there are people who don't text? how do they talk to their friends?

    28 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 12/06/2009

  10. It's probably not that he doesn 't want those things, it's probably that he feels unworthy of those...

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 24/02/2018

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