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  1. Caffeine has a typical effect on some people, but it doesn’t effect everyone the same way. Everyone will have a different experience.

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 02/05/2019

  2. ...not a question of can or can't, it's I will not be with a woman that doesn't respect me. I'm not one of those blue pill chumps that...

    7 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 18/05/2019

  3. He really has to fart, but you keep hanging around and he doesn't want to lose his seat. Next time, get up and leave--you...

    5 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 15/08/2019

  4. ...real thing (for me) is that money really gives happiness. It doesn't mean to be rich, but have enough money, a balance. For the personal serenity...

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 30/07/2019

  5. What makes you think Yahoo doesn’t care about Facebook? Why should a company care about another completely different company anyway? They’re not even competitors either

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 03/06/2019

  6. ...people's backs its better to face it head on. It doesn't always need to be a fight it could just be talking instead of people ...

    57 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 03/06/2019

  7. He may just be so horrified he doesn't know what to do. I know if someone I loved was doing that I would be scared. Please see a therapist and get help.

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 25/09/2019

  8. I think they know Nessie doesn't exist, but it brings visitors and money to Scotland which they like.

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 28/07/2019

  9. could possibly even understand or comprehend anything. I say fk you to anyone who doesn't care about the unborn child inside you.

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 09/07/2019

  10. ...communist or a notsee. Natural genetically determined political prejudice doesn't always show up until around age age 20.

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 21/03/2019

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